A UX strategy workshop
led by Jared Spool USA, Europe & Australia   ·   2020

Convince Your Boss

Is your organization serious enough about design? Do your products and services need great user experiences to stay competitive? Are you encountering resistance to becoming a design-infused organization? What’s your plan to counter the inevitable resistance to becoming a design-infused organization?

Jared Spool will guide you through this activity-packed workshop to identify the best plays for your organization’s UX strategy playbook. With more than 125 plays to choose from, you’ll find the right combination for the challenges you’re facing.

This is how you’ll do it:

Day 1, morning – Driving Your Organization’s Transformation

  • Broaden your UX team’s reach and influence throughout your organization
  • Connect with your market’s current emphasis, whether on new features or better experiences
  • Communicate the value of design to executives and stakeholders by socializing a solid vision of future user experiences
  • Deploy plays that educate the entire organization on good design and what it takes to get there
  • Connect the decisions of key influencers to their effects on customer experiences
  • Uncover your organization’s hidden UX champions, who don’t yet realize they can use your team’s skills and knowledge to achieve their key business objectives

Day 1, afternoon – Leading Product and Service Innovation

  • Convert product strategy from building new features to solving critical customer problems
  • Build a research plan to identify critical UX expectations to satisfy market needs
  • Integrate pleasure, flow, and meaning into the product definition, to infuse delight into the overall delivery strategy
  • Rally your organization behind a research-based UX vision, getting everyone moving in the same direction
  • Identify a plan of “baby steps” that delivers new value to customers through innovation
  • Assess delivery success with UX-driven metrics, using data science to identify the cost and scope of customer problems and their solutions

Day 2, morning – Readying Your Team to Tackle Bigger Design Challenges

  • Assess the team’s skills against what you’ll require for current and future challenges
  • Build an internal skill training capability, that increases team proficiency
  • Recruit top talent to fill in the team’s skill gaps, using performance-based hiring to ensure every new hire is a perfect fit
  • Use journey maps, critiques, and design studios to bring out everybody’s inherent design skills
  • Increase the skills of your non-designer influencers, focusing decisions on what’s best for the customers
  • Institute novel mentorship programs to propagate design skills and resources across the entire organization

Day 2, afternoon – Lay the Groundwork for Change at All Levels

  • Choose from more than 125 proven plays to create a playbook unique to your needs
  • Assess each possible play based on impact to the organization and feasibility to execute
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your organization, playing into your strengths and upgrading where your weak
  • Start with the end in mind: envision what success looks like, so you’ll know what you’re reaching for
  • Create a “sales plan” that maps the most effective plays to critical organizational challenges, to sell your playbook to key stakeholders
  • Construct your essential to-do list, with the first pivotal steps you’ll execute for each play

Bring Your Senior Team

A UX strategy is easiest when your entire senior team is on board. If you can bring them along, Jared will have special activities for you to discuss and explore what will work best in your organization. If you can’t, don’t worry. We’ll match you up with others in similar situations to bounce ideas off of and reflect on your optimal strategies.

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