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Turning Quantitative Data into Strategic UX Metrics

October 17, 2019

by: Jared M. Spool

Our organization is swimming in data. And, if we knew what’s valuable to collect, we could gather much more.

Yet, how do we turn all that data into solid UX insights? Strategic insights that demonstrate the value of great user experiences. Insights that drive our organization to deliver better-designed products and services.

Deriving substantial value from our organization’s quantitative data is one of the most popular sections of our 2-day Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop. Every design leader who attends our workshop is hungry to know how they can take advantage of the mounds of data their organization is constantly producing.

Exploring the full-range of available UX metrics.

During our Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop, you'll pull apart a variety of approaches to UX metrics that successful design leaders have applied. You’ll discuss about how best to adapt available metrics for your team’s needs. And, you’ll identify the dangerous pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid.

I’ll introduce you to UX success metrics. These highly specialized metrics tell your teams exactly when you’ve achieved improved UX outcomes for your users and customers. By knowing where the finish line is, you can use the data to tell your teams and stakeholders how far you still have to go.

I’ll also show you storytelling metrics, which increases the deep awareness your teams have around the problems your users and customers face today. This deep awareness makes a clear argument why you’ll need more UX investment and resources.

You’ll also see how successful design leaders take advantage of reporting metrics. These are the metrics you’ll use to report your team’s progress. They spotlight the value of your team’s UX work, which, in turn, increases the executive desire to grow your UX efforts.

And we’ll show how we can use exploratory metrics to drive innovation through the organization. Using quantitative data strategically can uncover new features, products, and services, which will deliver better value to your customers and users.

Embedding effective data use into your UX strategy.

Of course, quantitative metrics, by themselves, can’t exist in a vacuum. You need to have a persuasive experience vision and a mature user research effort to back them up. That’s when they provide the most value.

We talk about all of these strategies to metrics and more in our Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop. And we‘ll do it in a way that your peers—the product management, development and marketing leaders of your organization—can understand.

Your peers will leave this workshop with a deep understanding of how UX increases the organization’s competitive value. And more importantly, because of your new UX Strategy Playbook, you and your peers will know exactly which changes everyone needs to start making in the organization.

The workshop is a game-changer for design leaders like you. Knowing how you’ll turn quantitative data into strategic UX metrics is at the center of those changes.

These workshops fill up quickly. Don’t delay.

You need to integrate your organization’s quantitative data efforts into a solid UX strategy. Sign up for our next Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop and start delivering well-designed products and services.

We offer this workshop in cities all over the world. Visit our website at Playbook.UIE.com for more details. We can also bring it to your organization. Contact us to learn how.

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