A UX strategy workshop
led by Jared Spool USA, Europe & Australia   ·   2020

Planning The Ideal UX Leadership Offsite Is Hard

December 4, 2018

Imagine you could put together the perfect UX team leadership offsite. Two days full days, where you and your team focus on choosing strategies that grow the importance of design in your organization. Your team would review what everyone is doing well and where the team needs to up their game.

In these two days, your group would explore your team’s work from multiple dimensions:

  • Where can your team have a greater influence on your organization?
  • How would your team advance better design in your organization?
  • Where can you improve the products and services you’ve been working to deliver?
  • How might you improve the capabilities of your team, so they’re better prepared to the handle bigger challenges that the future holds?

Over these two days, you and your team would conduct some serious reflection. There would be some difficult topics to explore and some hard discussions.

With skilled facilitation, you’d navigate those difficult conversations and emerge aligned. Your team will be excited about the solid action plan they jointly created. Everyone has now bought into doing what it takes to get the team—and the entire organization—to the next level.

It’s Hard To Pull Off A Great Team Offsite

Pulling off a workshop like this takes immense preparation. You would need to craft a rock-solid agenda that covers every aspect of how your team works—at the organizational level, with each other at the team level, and as individual contributors.

You would want to assess what you’ve already accomplished, to ensure you and your team have done all you could do. You would need the team to agree to make improvement a priority.

You would need your team to go beyond what they’ve always done. For the organization to attain a new level of design maturity, you would need strategies for tackling new, difficult challenges.

We’ve Done The Preparation So You Don’t Have To

While we didn’t think of it this way when we created it, it turns out our 2-day workshop, Creating a UX Strategy Playbook is a great team offsite. Team leaders have told us they’ve seen more positive results from attending the workshop than any other workshop they’ve put together.

That benefit comes because we’ve done all the hard preparation work. We’ve studied world-renowned organizations, looking at what made them successful. From that, we’ve identified 130 unique strategies that have helped organizations deliver better products and services.

We structured the workshop to get everyone attending on the same page. They spend more than 50% of the workshop in their teams, discussing which strategies would have the most impact. They identify which strategies would be easy and which would be challenging to employ.

From the workshop’s structured discussions, teams emerge bought in and excited about their most effective strategies. When they return to their office and the daily grind, they have a plan to shift their team—and the organization as a whole—to advance the role design plays. And because everyone’s on the same page, they’re doing it together, with a common language and understanding they reached during the workshop.

We set out to create a great way to discuss UX strategy. It turns out our Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop is also an ideal UX leadership workshop.

Bring your team and start making awesomeness.

Bring me to you. I visited four companies in November, conducting the workshop for them. In each one, they brought 30-40 UX, product, and development leaders together, to craft an action plan with complete buy-in. They are already reporting results. Let me know if you’d like to explore this option.

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