A UX strategy workshop
led by Jared Spool USA, Europe & Australia   ·   2020

Integrating UX Metrics Into Your UX Strategy

July 25, 2019

UX metrics are an essential component of your organization’s user experience strategy. As a design leader, you need to track your progress, show where you’ll return big value, and identify opportunities for competitive advantage. The only way to do this is to integrate UX metrics into your overall UX strategy.

We spend much of our Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop talking about how to integrate UX metrics into a UX strategy. As a design leader attending the workshop, you’ll identify the most important measures to track. You’ll choose the best approach to collect and report what you’re seeing to the rest of your organization. Most importantly, you’ll learn effective ways to use these metrics to deliver better-designed products and services.

It starts with clearly knowing your UX goals.

UX metrics show your progress for delivering better designs. To show progress, you need to know where you’re going. The first thing you’ll do in the workshop is choose the right strategies for identifying your end goal.

We start the workshop with a discussion of your most important definition tool: an experience vision. An experience vision tells the story of what your ideal product or service’s user experience will be. You’ll tell the story in terms of the delightful benefits you’ll deliver to your customers and users. The story clearly shows how, by delivering these benefits, your organization becomes a market leader.

It’s from your experience vision that you’ll establish the target for your metrics. This is where, as a design leader, you’ll drive your organization to success. You’ll choose the best strategies for identifying the targets and communicating them for everyone to see. Once everyone in your organization is heading towards the same end goal, it’s easier for you to lead them in the right direction.

You’ll need strategies to measure your UX progress.

Much of the workshop is about collecting the right information and analyzing it. You’ll learn important tools, like how to upgrade your research capability with the Kano Model. The Kano Model clearly points out opportunities for improvements, often missed by your competitors, that will delight your customers.

You’ll select the right mix of subjective and objective measures to track the progress of your UX strategies. You’ll choose from an array of behavioral and attitudinal measures, giving you the best picture of what it’s like to be today’s customers and users of your products and services. These measures set the starting point for your organization's journey to your target experience.

Great metrics tell a story everyone can get behind. You’ll choose strategies to turn your metrics into fantastic stories and turn your design team into compelling storytellers. Metrics make stories irresistible, which is your essential lubricant for leading design in your organization.

A strategy workshop with measurement at its core.

When you return to work from the Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop, you’ll know exactly how to integrate UX metrics into your overall UX strategy. You’ll have established, critical targets to achieve. You’ll know how to communicate with your organization’s leadership about the progress of your initiatives. And you’ll clearly show the benefits that great design brings to your customers, your users, and your business.

That’s why you and your design team’s leadership need to be at our next Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop. This is how you’ll drive your organization to consistently deliver well-designed products and services.

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