A UX strategy workshop
led by Jared Spool USA, Europe & Australia   ·   2020

Getting Executives to Understand the Value of UX Design

May 2, 2019

Leading up is hard. How do we get those above us—the people who give us the support, time, and resources we need to deliver great designs—to understand the value of great UX design?

Maybe we have a boss that understands how our work contributes value to the organization. But, does their boss? Or their boss’s boss?

They say they understand the value of design, but they prioritize other things ahead of our design work. They tell us we can’t do proper research or thoughtfully iterate because there’s no time. They emphasize shipping fast, hitting that critical deadline, or adding features that just show up in competitors’ products. They tell us design is important, but other things are more important.

This is the top challenge facing every UX design leader who attends our Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop. They tell us they want to move this needle.

These UX design leaders know they need the executive and key stakeholders to support their team’s work. They need UX design to become an important priority in their organization.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve designed our workshop to do. They’re in the right place.

How do UX design leaders successfully show value?

As we designed our Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop, we identified and collected the successful strategies employed by hundreds of UX design leaders. These leaders had unlocked the secrets in making UX design a top priority amongst their organization’s executives. We built the entire workshop around these successful strategies.

We start the workshop with the strategies around creating and socializing an experience vision. Successful UX design leaders use experience visions to capture the imagination of their executives.

The vision shows what their products or services could be like for customers and users. It shows how the organization can create dramatically increased customer value. The vision shows what great UX design can deliver.

Next up: The executive team’s current objectives. We focus on strategies that translate the experience vision into current business priorities that executives are currently focused on.

Are they looking to increase revenue? Build market share? Become competitive market leaders? We identify the UX design strategies that will deliver products and services that meet these executive goals.

Showing where value is currently lost.

We learned through our research that just showing an experience vision may not be enough to get the key stakeholders on board. UX design leaders often have to go further.

In the workshop’s first afternoon, we take apart the successful strategies we identified for socializing and sharing what it’s like for today’s customers and users throughout the organization. Where does our current design frustrate and impede users from getting value from the organization’s products and services?

Often, UX design leaders need to surface and socialize how their current designs hold their organization back. Executives and stakeholders—often insulated from the customer’s actual experiences—don’t realize how far away from the vision they currently are.

The leaders attending the workshop choose proven strategies that will work in their own organization. They select the strategies that expose stakeholders and executives to the current user experience. They learn how to prioritize the product roadmap to ensure the team delivers the most value with every future release.

Producing more value through better design.

During the workshop’s second day, we turn to successful strategies that increase the product team’s UX design capabilities. When the entire team has the right skills and knowledge, they produce better-designed products and services.

Our UX design leaders select the best strategies to turn their design team members into persuasive UX design leaders, who will evangelize and champion design with the rest of their product team. They’ll look to build a culture of continuous learning throughout the organization.

Building an action plan for success.

We learned in our research that successful UX design leaders don’t wait until their executives figure out the value of UX design on their own. Instead, they put together a plan with several key strategies to ensure their stakeholders will provide them the support they need. Attendees spend the afternoon of the second day building a custom action plan and putting together their own UX Strategy Playbook.

They identify the first steps they’ll take the moment they return to the office. With their Playbook in hand, they leave the Creating a UX Strategy Playbook workshop with everything their organization needs to deliver well-designed products and services.

The best workshop for UX Design Leaders like you.

We’ve packed this workshop with an intensive 2-day agenda designed to give you everything you need to tackle your toughest challenges. If you need more executive support to successfully lead design in your organization, you’ll want to sign up for this workshop.

We cap each workshop off at about 24 attendees. This gives me plenty of time to work directly with you on the ideal strategy for your team. Learn how your team can deliver better-designed products and services.

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