A UX strategy workshop
led by Jared Spool Vancouver & Toronto | Nov–Dec 2016

Convincing Your Boss

August 29, 2016

Is your organization serious enough about design? Do your products and services need great user experiences to stay competitive? Are you encountering resistance to becoming a design-infused organization? What’s your plan to counter the inevitable resistance to becoming a design-infused organization?

Jared Spool will guide you through this activity-packed workshop to identify the best plays for your organization’s UX strategy playbook. With more than 90 plays to choose from, you’ll find the right combination for the challenges you’re facing.

This is how you’ll do it:

Day 1, morning – Infuse design into your organization.

  • Identify the right plays for your organization’s current design maturity.
  • Connect with your market’s current emphasis and prepare for the inevitable shifts in direction.
  • Uncover hidden UX champions and show how design can achieve their key business objectives.

Day 1, afternoon – Deliver great experiences in your products and services.

  • Build a research plan to identify critical market UX expectations.
  • Identify the “baby steps” that deliver innovation and value.
  • Create UX-driven metrics to hone in on successful designs.

Day 2, morning – Prepare for your hardest UX challenges with your team.

  • Assess your team’s skills against what you’ll need for future challenges.
  • Identify gaps and recruit top talent to broaden your team’s reach.
  • Increase the skills of your non-designer influencers, reducing friction and speeding decision making.

Bring your senior team

A UX strategy is easiest when your entire senior team is on board. If you can bring them along, Jared will have special activities for you to discuss and explore what will work best in your organization. If you can’t, don’t worry. We’ll match you up with others in similar situations to bounce ideas off of and reflect on your optimal strategies.

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(We also have a PDF version of this page.)

Want to dive deep into the perfect plays for your organization? We can bring a tailored workshop to your company.

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