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Build Up Your Organization’s UX Design Capacity

November 15, 2019

by: Jared M. Spool

Almost every UX team starts the same way. I bet your team started this way too.

Your team’s first mandate was to improve the user experience. Your UX team members (which may have started as a single UX team of one) worked their collective butts off to make a difference in the products and services your organization delivers.

I’m betting your team has since demonstrated success. You may have even added more team members to the team.

Yet, you found there was still too much work to do. There was always more UX design work than your team could handle, no matter how many people you added. The user experience of your products and services could always be better than what your organization was putting into the world.

When the maturity switch happens

Faced with this never-ending cycle, many smart design leaders come to an important realization. I bet you’ve come to this realization too.

Your team will never be large enough. You’ll never have enough team members with the right skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to make the design of every product and service as good as it should be.

Instead of focusing only on growing your UX team, you need to increase your organization’s overall UX design capacity. By increasing your organization's overall capacity you’ll take the first steps to building a UX Design Infused organization.

When your organization is UX Design Infused, every product manager, developer, and stakeholder has enough UX design expertise to make their own smart decisions. Your UX team members can now tackle the hard challenges—the ones that will make your organization truly competitive in the marketplace.

To become UX Design Infused, you need to look beyond your own team members. You need to grow everyone’s ability to make smart design decisions.

You’ve switched the mandate of the UX team: From reactively trying to clean up every design, to proactively growing the organization’s capability to design and deliver well-designed products on their own. Switching from being reactive to becoming proactive is a big step.

This is a strategic switch

This switch in your mandate will require you to bring your organization along on a journey. That journey will increase what every individual understands about design. It will result in every person inside your organization to have the necessary skills and confidence to make smarter UX design decisions.

The good news is you’re not the first to make this switch. Other UX design leaders have taken their organization on this journey before you.

We’ve collected the successful strategies that other UX design leaders have employed in their organizations. Strategies from UX design leaders at organizations like Disney, Capital One, AirBnB, and Apple.

Identify the successful strategies for your organization

We’ll look at the experience vision strategies that successful UX design leaders use to communicate what great design does for customers and users. We’ll look at strategies for mapping those benefits into your organization’s business objectives.

We’ll explore how to drive decisions when you improve your organization’s research maturity. We’ll discover new methods to integrate quantitative data-driven metrics into your qualitative user research methods.

Most importantly, we’ll focus on how you’ll grow the UX design skills of each product manager, developer, and stakeholder. You’ll assess what their capability is today and identify where you need them to grow.

Together, we’ll identify which strategies work best for your organization. We’ll assemble the most effective strategies—those which will have the greatest effect soonest—into your team’s UX Strategy Playbook. And you’ll return to your office, ready to put these strategies into play immediately.

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