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led by Jared Spool USA, Europe & Australia   ·   2020

A Perfect UX Strategy Planning Offsite

October 31, 2019

by: Jared M. Spool

The goal is simple: emerge from your team’s planning offsite meeting with a solid UX strategy for the new year. That strategy lays out what your team needs to do to drive your organization to deliver better-designed products and services.

With your new plan in hand, you’ll know exactly what you and your team will do differently the following 12 months. You’ll know what success looks like. You’ll know the next actions you need to take. You’ll have identified the questions you need answering so you can succeed.

Ideally, your product and development leadership peers were at this offsite. They took part in the planning process, partially because their perspectives are valuable insights.

But also because you need your peers’ buy-in. You can’t do this alone. You’ll need their help. When they participated in creating your UX strategy, they became bought-in to your success.

Your UX Strategy Planning Offsite is critical to driving change in your organization.

The formula for a successful offsite

It’s extremely hard to put together a team planning offsite that produces successful results. And it’s expensive if it fails. Taking all those people away from their day-to-day work better deliver results.

That’s why we created the Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop. It’s the perfect UX strategy planning offsite.

Everyone comes to a common understanding of the challenges your organization faces.
Everyone you bring to the planning offsite will be coming from their own place, with their own perspectives, agendas, and experiences. We use the common goal of delivering better-designed products and services to bring those different perspectives together.

Craft your ideal UX strategy under the leadership of an experienced facilitator.
Leading an offsite like this requires extensive planning and experience. Fortunately, our workshop leader, Jared Spool, has 40 years of experience working with organizations like yours. Under his guidance, you’ll get the strategic plan your organization needs.

Benefit from the experience of hundreds of successful UX design leaders.
You’re not the first team to face the challenges you have ahead of you. Many have been here before. We’ve compiled more than 130 strategies, successfully employed by UX design leaders just like you. You’ll pick out the strategies that best fit your needs.

This workshop is the ideal UX Strategy Planning Offsite for your team. It’s likely the most valuable two days you and your team could spend together.

Our 100% guarantee that you’ll succeed

We’re so confident the Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshop is the perfect UX strategy planning workshop for your team, we’ll 100% guarantee it. Emerge from the workshop with an effective strategic plan or we’ll refund your money, 100%. That’s how confident we are.

We know this because hundreds of organizations before you have succeeded. Design leaders from organizations like The World Bank, GM, Expedia, St. Jude’s Hospital, Crate & Barrel, Google, Best Buy, Qantas Airlines, and AllState have all emerged with their UX strategic plans in hand. They’ve since executed those plans, with amazing progress as the result.

We have limited seating in our upcoming workshops. There are a few seats for our November Australia sessions. And several openings left in our December and February Chattanooga sessions.

Put together your perfect UX strategy offsite today by joining us at one of our upcoming Creating A UX Strategy Playbook workshops. Then, emerge with your strategic plan in your hands and start getting to work.

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